Vacuum Cleaning Floor Before Clean the Tile Floor


Clean the active floor with a vacuum cleaner at least 3 times a week. The floors of the kitchen and living room need to be vacuumed regularly, and as the number of people living in the house increases, so does the floor. The area floor with less activity, such as bedroom floor, should be cleaned once a week. 

According to general experience, the number of times a week that an area is vacuumed is the same as the number of people using the space. For example, one person’s bedroom floor can be cleaned once a week. However, a living area with four people should be cleaned four times a week.

If your pet is depilated or your child is allergic, you need to vacuum the floor frequently. Move all the small furniture out of the room once a month, so you can vacuum the floor under the room. Move all the big furniture out of the room and vacuum the floor once or twice a year.

Clean the floor first. The high efficiency air filter in the modern vacuum cleaner can prevent small pieces from being discharged from the vacuum cleaner, which means you don’t need to dust the floor again. Wipe objects, surfaces, and furniture with microfiber cloth.

You shake the curtains off when you dust them. Leave the curtain dust on the floor for a few minutes before vacuuming. Remove the big toys and pet bed from the floor. At this point, anything touching the floor should be moved. So you can vacuum the floor of the room thoroughly.