Clean floor tiles, linoleum and wood flooring

Check the best way to mop the floor. Mopping is essential for many tile types, and there are specific ways to clean each type of tile most thoroughly. Understand the tools and supplies used for each floor tile type.

Rub the floor tiles once a week. This helps prevent any build-up of dirt, especially keeping kitchen and bathroom tiles clean. Floor tile areas that are not frequently used can be wiped every two weeks.

Fill the sink or bucket with hot water and detergent. A squeeze of dishwashing liquid and a glass of vinegar into the water has a good effect. If you have a favorite tile cleaning solution, feel free to use it. If you are using a kitchen sink, be sure to thoroughly clean the sink and countertop after mopping the floor. 

This is to prevent cross contamination from floor tiles to sinks. Buy a classic cotton mop. There are more high-tech and modern style mops there, but this classic style works best. You can take the head of the cotton mop down and put it into the washing machine, and the sponge mop or foam mop is more difficult to clean.

Dip the mop in the water, don’t wring it out. Make sure the mop head is completely immersed in hot soapy water. Gently put it down and let it hang on the sink for 2 seconds. This type of mop is called a sloped mop because the water initially leans onto the floor tiles.