What Are The Advantages Of Retro Tiles?

1, the use of ceramic tile has a lot of benefits such as slip, the ceramic tile appearance is no polishing processing, so the brick surface friction coefficient will be relatively high, in the above step sureness, warm and comfortable, wear resistance. Because the surface glazing reduces polishing link, non mirror effect is not prone to scratches, many families in the kitchen using retro brick, because of its strong anti fouling, the surface glaze layer to prevent stains permeable brick, easier to clean.

2, as well as in color and pattern of the style is very much, in the design are almost according to some wood, crystal, flowers, skin and other patterns of modeling, production color, pattern rich and colorful, specifications change. At the beginning of more than a small Vintage brick available specifications, the development has also appeared in many large retro brick specifications, six more angle, octagonal shape, more easy to do mosaic style, different styles of decorative Home Furnishing. When restoring the ancient style becomes the trend, the retro brick is the spokesman of the fashion. Its waterproof, anti-skid, wear-resistant and acid alkali characteristics make its physical properties stable. The decorate space timeless, the use of a wide range, suitable for indoor living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, more suitable for outdoor square, walkways etc.

Classical style should use soft color, uniform texture, delicate perception marble tiles to decorate can dilute the whole space Home Furnishing dull atmosphere, but also can enhance the sense of space “, that space is very quiet, gentle, low-key style show.