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The comparison of ceramic tile and stone material

Property Tile: Tile is a kind of fireproof metal oxide, it forms after being ground, pressed, sintered and so on, form porcelain qualitative or stone qualitative material. Stone: Stone is a kind of natural material, after cutting, polishing and other processes, the material itself has not changed. Price Tile: Some tiles are expensive, some are cheap. All of them can be […]

The Important Things After Clear Tiles

You may need to apply some pressure to reach into all of the stone’s imperfections. It may take up to 24 hours for the stone to fully dry. A dry mop pad (or more than one) can be used if you are cleaning a lannon stone floor. If you are cleaning in an enclosed space, […]

How to Protect Mable Tiles?

It’s also best to use a wide tip nozzle that will keep the water spread out over an expanded surface. As you are cleaning, keep the nozzle as far away from the stone as you can. Otherwise, you’ll increase the likelihood of damage. Keep your stone away from any acidic products. Lannon stone responds very […]

How to Clear Patio Tiles?

Make sure to treat each set of stairs up to each landing separately. Using your vacuum, vacuum each stair. This makes sure that you get all the lint and dust that the broom may have left behind. If your Patio Tiles is still dirty, you can either repeat these steps until it’s clean or you […]

The Important Things After Clean a Cement Patio Tiles

Coat your patio with a patio sealer once it’s dry to help prevent future stains. Attach a surface cleaner attachment and hose to your power washer. The surface attachment will help prevent you from damaging the concrete and is the most useful tool for cleaning it. Either screw or push the attachment onto the end […]

Sweep the Floor Before Clean the Tile Floor

Clean the active areas every day. Floors with large usage, such as kitchen floors, need to be cleaned every 1-2 days to keep clean. Remember that darker floors look more resistant to dirt than lighter ones. Areas with less activity need to be cleaned twice a week. Start from a corner and sweep toward the […]

Clean floor tiles, linoleum and wood flooring

Check the best way to mop the floor. Mopping is essential for many tile types, and there are specific ways to clean each type of tile most thoroughly. Understand the tools and supplies used for each floor tile type. Rub the floor tiles once a week. This helps prevent any build-up of dirt, especially keeping […]

Vacuum Cleaning Floor Before Clean the Tile Floor

  Clean the active floor with a vacuum cleaner at least 3 times a week. The floors of the kitchen and living room need to be vacuumed regularly, and as the number of people living in the house increases, so does the floor. The area floor with less activity, such as bedroom floor, should be […]

How Performing a Deep Cleaning?

Purchase nonabrasive surface cleaner. You can find it in big box stores or grocery stores in the same aisle as glass cleaner. Make sure it’s free of alkaline chemicals like lye or acidic chemicals like vinegar. The label should point out that the product is safe for quartz. Spray the cleaner on the tiles. Apply […]

How Keeping Bluestone tiles Clean?

Sweep or wipe down the Bluestone tiles often. If your Bluestone tiles is used as tile, use a broom to sweep up debris daily. For countertops, gather up any crumbs or dirt that get on the counter at least once a day with a cloth. If your Bluestone tiles is on a door or window […]