What should I pay attention when choosing wall tiles?

Wall tiles are indispensable part of the material when decorating at home, kitchen and bathroom walls will use marble wall tiles, and some living room television background wall will choose to paste wood wall tiles as decoration, which is enough to illustrate the universality and importance of Wall tiles. Most people make mistakes when choosing wall tiles.

Think that bright tiles can enhance indoor lighting. Most families and office buildings tend to use brighter tiles for decoration, because bright tiles not only make the room look rich and bright, but also to some extent make up for the lack of daylighting. Bright polished tiles and some rustic tiles have a light reflection coefficient of up to 90%, while ordinary white walls have a light reflection coefficient of about 70% and a mirror glass of about 80%. If long-term living in a room with a smooth floor tiles environment, light reflection will make the eyes very tired, and even lead to visual function decline, so domestic tiles not recommended to use too bright tiles.

Do not blindly match the waist line. In daily household decoration, the edge of the wall is often decorated with waist line tiles. It can add a sense of hierarchy to the space visually, and reflects the owner’s personality, taste and interest in life. It is quite popular with the public. However, it should be noted that although the personality is very beautiful, but the waistline tiles are not always applicable.

There are two common cases that are not suitable for paving the waist line: first, the height of the bathroom is not enough, paving the waist line will make the overall space is divided, the original not high bathroom appears even lower. Second, the kitchen area is small, or the use of the entire bathroom cabinet family, cabinet height and waist line height are almost 80-90 cm, waist line just appeared on the top of the bathroom cabinet counter not only no decorative effect but also messy.

Thick small tiles are better than thin marble tiles. Many home decoration tiles are thicker and better quality, so consumers tend to form an inherent idea that thicker things are more realistic, in fact, the market of thick floor tile than thin bathroom tiles are more attractive, and the specifications of the larger floor tiles thicker, and the same specifications of floor tiles than wall tiles thicker. As far as the use value is concerned, the greatest value of bathroom tiles or decorative effect, as long as the carrying capacity and anti-destruction ability to meet the standards, too thick floor tiles are not actually environmentally friendly.

The styles of tiles are too mixed. Whether it is avant-garde or national style, too chaotic wood tiles are not suitable for a daily living environment, with more patterns and colors as the standard to purchase tiles. Finally, it is easy to decorate a pot of chaotic stew of the home, colorful, beautiful design is not the same as suitable for your home, but will cause a sense of living discomfort.