The Choose And Buy Method Of Balcony Tiles

The balcony is the only extension of the house to the outdoor part, it is not only the best place for drying clothes, but also our busy life in a rare square of pure land. So how should we choose the balcony tiles?

1. Style selection
Now residents housing area is bigger and bigger, small size ceramic tile can not meet the requirements of household, indoor metope ceramic tile of general with 250 x 360 mm size is relatively common, sitting room ground brick is generally not less than 500 x 500 mm, if sitting room area is more than 40 square meters, the floor tile specification requirement is larger.
2. Color selection
Because of the balcony light is bright, especially some bearing better balcony, plus the balcony is to rest and cool clothes in the bedroom, need to be relaxed atmosphere, therefore in the balcony had better choose more shallow the color of the tiles, for example, light yellow, white, rice white, shallow black, etc. But it is not suitable for deep color, such as big red, dark brown etc.
3. Ceramic tile size
For small ceramic tile of the person you like, the balcony of a strip, can choose a small balcony to laying brick, brick or buy large balcony through the modification is allowed, as long as according to the length and width of the balcony, it is good to follow the laid, on the other hand, because the area of the balcony is original is not very big, small space to choose ceramic tile can foil more space dimension sense, like a fat man is suitable for vertical stripes clothes don’t look fat, thin people wear suitable for horizontal stripes appear thin is not a reason, so choose ceramic tile size small balcony is ok.