Simple and Practical Marble Ceramic Tile To Buy Seven Standard

The similar appearance, the superior performance of ceramic tile, marble together makes this different quality marble tiles become popular with users of the popular building materials, but in the face of a variety of marble tile brands on the market, with only a bibulous rate, the basic testing factors such as stiffness is not enough to help us distinguish good marble tile,The first marble tile quality evaluation standard of the industry “marble ceramic tile 7 star standard” came into being, let’s look at how simple and specifically choose marble ceramic tile.

In terms of its nature of ceramic tile, marble tile ceramic tile is a kind of imitation wood, imitate the texture adornment effect is its important value, so the fidelity is selected the first parameter to the ceramic tile, marble to emphasize its fidelity: stone should ≧ 99.9% reduction degrees, will be in comparison with natural marble, ceramic tile on the premise of removing impurities, higher similarity is preferred, stone should ≧ 99.9% reduction degrees.
2.The duplication
Stone attractive appreciation of a play feature lies in its unique natural, to condemn the change of grain, and used in ceramic tile decoration, in order to avoid duplication of texture bring stiff feeling of the space, so the ceramic tile on the stone should try not to appear to repeat: stone texture should not repeat area ≧ 5 square metre, extract a case of tile ceramic tile on the floor, to see if the pattern repeat, repeat degree is lower, the better decorative effect.
3.Accurate printing degrees
Inkjet technology is nowadays the main technology of high-quality marble tile surface color layers of permeable brick should be of high quality marble, perfect reduction natural color of natural stone material, real and solid: picture for at least 360 dpi precision of 0 grid and high precision spray printing, the scene to identify pattern is clear, the place of ceramic tile 10 cm distance to the naked eye can not see the grid.

4.Bo changes degree
In essence, the water absorption rate is the criterion, the low water absorption rate is not easy to absorb dirt, the quality is better. Good marble tiles should be very low water absorption, the higher the degree of vitrified, bricky system stronger, more not easy ooze water: water absorption should be ≦ 0.05%, the water droplets on the back of ceramic tile, slow water infiltration or not bibulous, the greater the density of ceramic tile, the better the quality.
As ceramic tile, everyday use in the family in general can’t avoid all sorts of friction or collision, so the stiffness is also one of the most important elements of ceramic tile, marble in order to avoid the ceramic tile is easily damaged, durable marble tile should have higher hardness: thematic mohs hardness ≧ 6, the scene with blades and other hard iron swiping in ceramic tile surface, no scratches on the top grade.
6.Self-cleaning degrees
Once decided to use ceramic tile, decorate is generally the use of large area, if the higher the degree of self-cleaning ceramic tile, is that much more convenient to do when using, starting from the users the best experience, marble tiles need good self-cleaning ability, can withstand the daily life of the stain liquid such as: the anti pollution coefficient must be ≧ 5, ink, soy sauce, vinegar, etc of drop in ceramic tile surface, after a short waiting to wipe clean, no residue after taste.
7.Mass density
Mass density is closely related to ceramic tile weight, in the case of equal size, weight of ceramic tile ceramic tile quality means that the greater the more thick, material, density higher and higher, bricky system has stronger: ceramic tile should ≧ weight 25 kg per square meter, compare different marble tile cutting into the same specifications weighing, the person that weigh is preferred.