What’s the advantage of tiles with gaps?

When decorating the house, there will be a gap between each tile design, and then fill the gap with the sealant. But some of the sealant materials are of poor quality and become dark and unsightly for some time. Because of these gaps, the pattern tiles price affect the overall beauty.

Why should the cement tiles keep the gap? Size error. Although the marble tiles are now specialized mechanized production, the size has been very accurate, but in the process of wood tiles production, it is inevitable that there will be a certain size error. Because the flooring tiles are fragile, it is unavoidable to knock in the course of transportation. It needs to be cut two times during the decoration. If it is laid without gap, it is easy to appear unevenness and affect the beauty of tiles.

Heat expansion and contraction. People like to decorate in the warm period of the weather. If the cracks are not reserved and the weather turns cold in the winter, the cement mortar of tiles and tiles will have the problem of heat expansion and contraction. In the process of temperature or humidity change, tiles and cement mortar will have a certain degree of expansion and contraction, resulting in the use of tiles in the process of bulging or cracking.

Construction allowance. Tiles placement is easy to see. In fact, tiles placement requires skilled skills. In the whole process of the tiles paving, it is impossible to make a complete paving every piece of tiles without error, and the different light conditions at different time in the daytime and night will also affect the construction effect. There are enough gaps to prevent the size of tiles from being looked at in the same way, but there are problems when splicing.

How many gaps should be left for tiles? The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom usually needs to keep the seam 1mm~1.5mm, and the seamless wall tiles should also keep the gap not less than 1mm, to avoid the uneven problems in the process of daily life. Balcony tiles and external wall tiles and other special places tiles gap is best to widen around 5mm. The gap between the floor tile and the 1.5mm to the 2mm is more suitable.

What kind of sealant is best? The tiles inside the house often filled up for a long time, and the cracks were all black. The beautiful tiles that had been bought were covered by a stiff joint sealant. Then what kind of sealant can make bathroom tiles sealant be more beautiful and icing on the cake? Glass glue: more classification, generally neutral for ceramic, metal, mirror, glass paste filler, a variety of colors can be selected, but this tiles glass adhesive easily moldy, cracking.

Tiles sealant: tiles sealant is often used for floor tiles and bathroom floor tiles. The disadvantage is that the sealant lacks luster, and it will grow dark and dirty easily. Sewing agents: upgraded sealant of common tiles sealant, more decorative and practical, colorful, glossy, more natural and delicate. The tiles sealing looks very small, has a great influence on home life. If tiles filling material is not used or used inferior material, it not only affects beauty, brings trouble for cleaning work, but also affects the service life of tiles.