How Cleaning Textured Porcelain Tiles?

Start by sweeping the floor with a soft-bristled broom. Sweep the textured porcelain tiles in two directions. This will better remove any dirt or debris in the texture of the tiles. Start by brushing in the direction or texture of the tile. Then, sweep diagonally across the tile to remove any dirt or debris.


Mop the floor with a mild cleaning solution. Once the floor has been swept, you can saturate it by mopping the floor with a mild cleaning solution. Combine the cleaning solution with hot water. Mop the floor and then allow the cleaning solution to sit on the floor for five to ten minutes.

Textured porcelain requires more maintenance than other types of porcelain and you will need to clean it more frequently to keep it looking good. To maintain the textured tiles, you should try to mop and scrub the floor daily, especially if it is walked on constantly throughout the day.

Scrub the floor with a soft, nylon brush. Once the cleaning solution has been on the floor for ten minutes, you can use a soft nylon brush to scrub at any dark spots or stains on the floor. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the floor. Use the same two direction method that you used for sweeping the floor. Start by scrubbing the floor following the direction of the textured tile. Then, scrub in the opposite direction of the texture on the wall tile.

Rinse the floor with clean water. Do not let the cleaning solution sit on the floor and dry, as it can damage the floor. Make sure you rinse off the cleaning solution with clean, clear water. You can then dry the floor with a clean microfiber cloth. Check that there are no water spots or puddles on the floor. You can also open windows in the room and turn on a fan to dry the floor more quickly.