The Important Things After Clean a Cement Patio Tiles

Coat your patio with a patio sealer once it’s dry to help prevent future stains. Attach a surface cleaner attachment and hose to your power washer. The surface attachment will help prevent you from damaging the concrete and is the most useful tool for cleaning it.

Either screw or push the attachment onto the end of the power washer before you start to spray. Turn on your power washer. Some power washers will have a rip cord that you need to pull in order start it while others will have switches.

Make sure that your power washer works by testing it in a small area on your patio. Blast the concrete with your power washer until it’s clean. Start by blasting the edges of the concrete in long, straight lines, before moving into the center.

Work in small 4×4 foot (1.21 x 1.21 m) sections until your entire patio has been blasted by the power washer. Be careful not to get to close to your patio with the power washer. If you hold the power washer too closely to the patio when you’re spraying it, you could damage the cement.

Rinse the patio off with your garden hose. Rinse off the patio with clean water from your water hose. Remove any left over detergent that may have been left over by cleaning.