Three Kinds Of Fashion Tiling Method Of Ceramic Tile

With the increasingly high demand for decoration, but also more on the technical requirements so worker  grade, derived from many kinds of tiling method, the following three methods, to see which is more suitable for you.

First of all, ceramic tile adhesion method. This method is also called dry sticking method. It is a new kind of paving auxiliary material. It changes the wet method of mortar cement, the ceramic tile does not need to be soaked beforehand, the base surface does not need to wet, so long as the foundation condition of the pavement is better, the operation condition can be greatly improved. Its adhesion effect is also more than the traditional mortar cement, especially suitable for small work surface, the work environment is not ideal for small and medium-sized projects and family decoration.

Secondly, the cross bar positioning method. The use of the auxiliary materials, the construction technology of pavement cloudy angle, the positive angle has been greatly improved. Tiles no longer need to be cut at 45 degrees angle, saving hours and breakage. The cross positioning can improve the seam accuracy when paving tiles, and simplify the construction process.

Third, a combination of specifications. The utility model is characterized in that a plurality of tiles with different geometric sizes and sizes are selected and assembled in groups according to certain combinations. Because the floor tiles are made up of different sizes and combinations, the geometric lines of the ground are changed immediately, and the changes and vividness are reflected in the order.