How Keeping the Porcelain Tiles Clean?

Sweep or vacuum the tiles at least twice a week. Maintain your porcelain tiles by getting into the habit of sweeping your tiles at least twice a week. Use a dry dust mop or a broom with soft, nylon bristles. Never use brushes with hard bristles or a broom with stiff bristles, as this can damage the tile.

You can also vacuum the wood tiles twice a week to remove any dirt or debris. Use a flexible, multi-surface vacuum cleaner to suck up the excess dirt. Be sure to vacuum in corners and areas where the subway tiles touch the wall. These spaces are often forgotten,leading to a build up of excess grime.

Clean up any spills right away. If there are any spills on the porcelain tile, you should make sure you wipe them up right away. Use a microfiber cloth to clean up spills with hot water. You may also use a water and vinegar solution to clean up big spills on the wall tile. Never use steel wool on the tiles to clean up spills or to remove stains. The steel wool can cause rust stains to develop in the grout between the tiles.

Do not use bleach or ammonia on the tiles. Make sure you do not use cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia on the tiles, as this can stain the grout and damage the coloring of the porcelain tiles. You should also avoid cleaners that contain coloring or dye, as this can stain the elegant tiles. Stay away from oil-based wax cleaners and detergents, as these can also damage your porcelain tiles.

Use rugs and floor mats. You can protect your porcelain tile floors by putting down floor mats and rugs. Rugs and floor mats are also good for keeping dirt and debris off the floor. You should also make sure there are felt pads on the bottom of the legs of any furniture. This will ensure the furniture does not scratch or damage the porcelain tiles.