Tile Laying: Details Of The Gap Treatment Is The Key

1, the importance of ceramic tiles remain seam

We must not literally understand, to carry out the so-called “seamless paving””. Because no matter what grade varieties between each piece of tile, are not exactly the same, its length, width, height, thickness error, seamless paving or seam properly, will make the tiles become crooked. The appropriate seam can also ensure the safety of the ceramic tile itself, otherwise, once the environmental temperature changes, even if tile thermal expansion and cold contraction, there are paving methods of ceramic tile, leaving the rules of the seam are different.

2, ceramic tile gap in 1-1.5mm
The common seamless brick should be sewn at 1-1.5mm, but not less than 1mm. And ordinary tiles, roughly between 3-5mm. Consumers should buy the special cross locator (width 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, etc.) in order to ensure the seamless seam and uniform size of the ceramic tile.

3. Widening the gap of ceramic tile
Ceramic tile for special effect can also widen the gap of ceramic tile. For example, the special effect of antique brick, exterior wall brick, cultural brick and so on should be left wide seam is appropriate. In addition, if the ceramic tile paving is in winter, pay attention to the seam should be slightly increased, to prevent thermal expansion and cold contraction, seam filling will be mutually squeezed.