How Does Ceramic Tile Spread Stick Relatively Firm?

How should ceramic tile put up? It might seem simple, but it’s not. Should pay attention to all sorts of the skill of tiling and the use of auxiliary material, ability lets ceramic tile affixed more firmly, the surface is more beautiful. Today come with ceramic mesh to study together, ceramic tile laid how to be more secure.

1.Avoid ceramic tile water absorption rate excessive choose ceramic tile, need key check the water absorption rate of ceramic tile. Drop the water on the back of the tile to see how fast the water will soak. In the same way, the slower the absorption, the greater the density of the tile.
2.Avoid the tiling of the tile on the back of the tile to fit tightly with the wall, and the back of the tile will generally be designed. When the grain is deep, it can ensure that the tile and cement mortar layer will not fall off when it happens.
3.Sand is best chosen for sand and sand, the deployment of the cement mortar strength is higher, but if the strength is too high, can also lead to some bad results, such as using the leveling the ground will be cracking.

4.The base that tiling tile should be handled well to avoid ceramic tile empty drum, the metope of tile shop first, ground floor must deal with clean. Be sure to remove all kinds of dirt on the wall, and mention the water wet
5.When the cement mortar needs to be plump and evenly mixed with the back of the blade of the cement mortar, it should be noted that the cement mortar should be full and even and not cut corners.
6.Set aside 2-5mm expansion joints for tile tiling. If there is not enough expansion joint, under the action of thermal shock expansion or moisture expansion, the stress can occur between adjacent tiles, causing the empty drum to fall off.