How to Clean Ceramic Tile?

There are a number of ways to get your ceramic tile clean. Engage in regular maintenance to prevent grime and grit from collecting on your ceramic tile. Sweep (or vacuum) and mop your ceramic tile at least once each week. If your tile is stained, you should identify the specific substance or agent of the stain, then choose an appropriate remedy. If you’re facing a particularly obstinate stain on your ceramic tile, consider steam cleaning or a muriatic acid solution.

Sweep your ceramic tile regularly. Use a broom and dustpan to sweep your floor at least once each week. This will remove dust, dirt, and other grime from the tile. Alternately, you could vacuum your ceramic tiles to remove dust, dirt, and crumbs.

Mop the floor weekly. After sweeping the floor, mop it at least once each week. There’s no need to use soap (though it doesn’t hurt). This will keep your ceramic tile looking shiny and new. Once you’ve mopped the floor, wring the mop out immediately and dry the floor with it to prevent any new dirt from settling in wet areas, and to protect you from slipping.

If you use soap, use a non-toxic dish detergent. Start with a couple drops of detergent so it doesn’t become over-concentrated. Too much detergent can leave soapy residue or film on your floor tiles. Continue regular maintenance on your floors without using any strong chemicals. Over time, chemicals can degrade the quality of your wood tiles.

Use a doormat. If you’re trying to protect ceramic tile located directly inside the foyer, place a doormat outside the door of your residence. Additionally, place a rug or another mat right inside the house. Encourage family members and visitors to wipe their feet on both mats, and to remove their shoes when they enter the home. Use of doormats is especially important during rainy and snowy seasons.