Whether The Balcony Should Stick Ceramic Tile, Where To Stick To Be Better?

1, most families are using the balcony to do laundry cleaning area, so relative to other areas, to be relatively damp, if the wall tiling, you can play a good protection on the balcony.

2. for closed balcony, and do not intend to do laundry area, in fact, there is no need to attach tiles to the wall.

3.the open balcony dust will be relatively large, wall tiles affixed, the cleaning work is relatively simple, tile smooth, water resistant, very scrub.

4. balcony wall tiling than tiles do not cost high, on the one hand need to choose the right tiles, in addition, labor costs are relatively high. If you do not stick wall tiles, you only need to do a good job of latex paint.

balcony decoration tiles posted to which location is good?

1. paving tile cost is still very large, buy Tile money, find a professional chef tiles more money, so everyone in the shop is stuck before it is necessary to consider whether the top issues.

2. balcony tile paving height should be maintained at more than 1.5 meters, about 2.8 meters to the top general. If the balcony as a recreation area for beautiful of course to the stick to being good-looking; put a cupboard, it should stick better, can play the role of curing, but labor costs will be higher than a length; if only to dry clothes on the balcony, there was no need to paste to the top, otherwise it is a waste of money.