Does Ceramic Tile Have Radiation?

Now each building has tiled tile, become indispensable adornment.But everything has two sides.With the requirement of ceramic tile expanding continuously, then the problem comes:does ceramic tile have radiation?Let’s know the problem:
Ceramic tile radiation refers to the phenomenon that ceramic tile contains radioactive material, the radioactivity of glaze brick is more apparent.Glazed ceramic tile is to apply a layer of glaze on ceramic tile base, ceramic tile surface color is varied, pattern and pattern is rich.Most of the ceramic tiles are from potassium minerals, such as feldspar and mica, which contain certain radioactive substances such as uranium and potassium. It is still radioactive after the process of physical chemistry, such as pulverization and sintering. And in order to clean the surface of the tile, the raw materials often include the high radioactive zirconium sand, which also makes some tiles highly radioactive.
The national building materials test center, however, ceramic and stone detection department senior engineering expressed: add a small amount of zirconium silicate porcelain production process is a kind of modern production technology, has a history of more than ten years in our country, it is comparatively mature technology.The radioactivity of brick is very little, wait for a year in normal household environment to absorb radiation quantity, much less than do an X-ray examination, so need not worry completely.And the radiation effect of ceramic tile on human body is less than the radiation that USES mobile phone to talk a minute to produce the influence big.