Related Steps Of Tile Anti-Slip Treatment

Ceramic tile is an indispensable part of our home decoration, it is also very interesting in anti-skid performance.So what are the methods of tile anti-slip treatment?Now let’s take a look at the relevant contents of tile anti-slip processing.

Related steps of tiling anti-slip processing:
1.In order to ensure better prevent slippery effect, use clean water to rinse the ground first, and then USES the brush with special cleaner to remove the ground floor is stubborn dirt, grease, wax polish, etc., and then 2 times waiting for the ground is dry, wash with water(no water stains on the surface, no need to wait until completely dry)
2.Spray or spray the product evenly on the ground, wait for 8-15 minutes, wash twice with clean water, brush with a stiff brush 2–3 times, until the residue on the surface is brushed. (note: when cleaning at last, brush the floor with hard hair)

3.Generally need to stay 8 to 15 minutes, but according to the different material quality, in order to better achieve prevent slippery effect, the product, the time stay on the ground will be elastic and a maximum stay of 30 minutes, the specific time shall be in accordance with the small area of the ground material test results.(if it is a homogenous brick, it is suggested that the anti-slip liquid should be cleaned with a rag after 8 minutes, and then the anti-slip solution will be coated once again. After 5 minutes, rinse with water.)
4.If large areas of spraying are needed, the ground will be divided into several areas to avoid the effects of uneven effects.