How Using a Hammer Chisel Remove Ceramic Tile?

Rent a hammer chisel. A hammer chisel is an electric machine similar to a jackhammer. Many home improvement stores offer a day-to-day rental service so you don’t have to buy your own, so call a few stores and see what their daily rates are.

Some hammer chisels are handheld so they can be used on walls or floors, while others are larger and made just for floors. Pick the right hammer chisel for your job. Hammer chisel rentals usually cost around $50-$60 USD per day.

Put on safety glasses and earplugs before you start working. Since hammer chisels break apart your tiles and could send shards into the air, wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. Hammer chisels also make a lot of noise, so wear earplugs to prevent damage to your hearing. If you have a large project, wear a face mask as well to prevent dust inhalation.

Hold the end of the chisel against the edge of your ceramic tiles. Start on the outer edge of your room or wall. Hold both of the chisel’s handles so you have the most control. Set the blade of the hammer chisel against the bottom of the tile at a 30 or 45-degree angle.

Turn on the hammer chisel to break apart your ceramic tiles. Pull the trigger on the handle of your hammer chisel and push it underneath your tiles. The hammer chisel will chip away the ceramic as well as the adhesive underneath. Continue breaking your tiles until you’ve removed them all. Clear your work surface occasionally so your broken tiles don’t pile up.