How Selecting the Toilet Cleaner?

Look for a toilet cleaner that contains sodium hydroxide. Many toilet cleaners contain sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. These two ingredients help to remove stains and grime on porcelain or tile surfaces as well as grout. Though they can be toxic in large amounts, they do work to effectively clean grout. You may look for common brands of toilet cleaner at your local hardware store or in the cleaning aisle at your grocery store.

Try an eco-friendly toilet cleaner. To avoid exposing yourself or others to harmful chemicals, you may opt for a toilet cleaner that is eco-friendly. There are several toilet cleaners on the market that do not contain harmful chemicals. However, they may not be as effective for cleaning grout, or your toilet bowl, if they do not contain chemicals like sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite.

Many eco-friendly toilet cleaners are made with plant and mineral based products. They may also be scented with lemon, mint, or pine, a bonus for making your grout smell less wet or dirty. Use toilet cleaner that contains bleach with caution. Though you may opt for toilet cleaner that contains bleach to better clean the grout, using bleach can be toxic to your health and possibly damage the tiling around the grout.

Bleach can also strip the water repellant materials that are in the grout, leading to damaged grout in the future, especially in showers or bathrooms. If you do go for a toilet cleaner that contains bleach, make sure you wear rubber gloves, eye protection like safety goggles, and a respirator mask so you are not at risk of inhaling the bleach. You should also wear clothing that you would not mind throwing out, as bleach can damage your clothing.

Smooth the edges of the cut tile glass with a rubbing stone. The wet saw produces clean and even lines, but it’s still a good idea to smooth the edges of the tile so they are less likely to cut you. Hold the stone at 45 degree angle on the front of the tile and run it over the edge to round it out. Smooth the entire edge of the glass tile.