Why Is The Ceramic Tile Deformed After Decorating?

Recently the owner says, after the house is decorated, the ceramic tile does not know how to deform? So why is the tile deformed? Today, I will give you some reasons for the deformation of tiles:

Generally speaking, there are more phenomena in the use of bathroom tiles in tiles or arches. This is because the ceramic tiles are affected by the tide, and the reasons for the ceramic tiles are generally the following:

1.Moisture in the air;
2. The cross section of the stone floor and the bathroom tiles is not closed;
3. Water bubble (such as water pipe rupture, water pouring on the balcony, etc.);
4. The floor is not dry, and the keel is reinforced with cement;
5. No special moisture-proof treatment for the first floor or other humid environment;
6.In addition, the product itself and improper construction will also cause the arch. For example, dry treatment, lack of health care, low water content, too shallow backchannel, unretractable cracks in construction, etc.