How To Handle The Problem Of Water Seepage Of Toilet Ceramic Tile Seam?

Toilet ceramic tile seam seepage how to do? Believe this is the problem that many family toilet is more likely to happen.Cause there are many kinds of situations, ceramic tile water seepage or ceramic tile is of poor quality, or is laid with the quality of the lead to have crack, moreover is the water pipe and the place of ceramic tile mating seal does not reach the designated position, etc. So how to solve toilet ceramic tile water seepage? Let’s take a look at the solution to the water seepage of bathroom tiles:

Water seepage situation of toilet tile seam: the waterproof layer has a problem
If the situation it is ceramic tile must be removed to the wall to the waterproof layer, see the inner wall is preferred, then blow be bored with child again, to do the waterproof layer to metope, then shop sticks ceramic tile, general this kind of method is more complex, so suggest to check clear.
Water seepage condition of the water in the bathroom tile: water seepage caused by rupture of water pipe
This kind of situation, it needs to be check was carried out on the water pipe on the test, to see whether there is leaking water, if it is because water pipe broken, need to immediately find leaks, open the wall to replace the water pipe.

Water seepage condition of bathroom tile seam 3: damp and caused by the wall seepage water
Just need to pay more attention to the ventilation and cleaning in the bathroom daily.
Water seepage situation of toilet tile seam 4: ceramic tile gap is not good
First of all, it is necessary to fill the cracks with cement or filler, and then make a waterproof layer.