How to Clean a Stone Tile Shower?

Caring for the stone tile in your shower will preserve its appearance and maintain its condition. Proper care can keep your stone looking like-new for generations. Clean most kinds of dirtiness from your cement tile with a mild detergent, a soft cloth, and a soft bristle brush. Remove stains from ceramic tile by identifying the kind of stain and using the right kind of treatment, like ammonia for oil based stains. Maintain your element tile by avoiding acidic and abrasive cleaners and by removing excess moisture from the stone after every shower.

For severe stains, you may have to reapply the poultice a few times before it is fully removed. Some stains may take five applications or more. Stain removing poultices can be purchased from your local hardware store or home center. Look for it among stone care products.

Some kinds of poultice are sold as pre-made strips of treated paper. These are generally applied to stains similarly to paste poultices.

Buff out water spots and rings with 0000 steel wool as necessary. Hard water can leave rings, a white film, or scale on your stone. When the stone is dry, buff the surface in a circular motion with a dry piece of 0000 rated steel wool. Wipe the surface with a clean, dry, soft cloth or rag after. Use light to moderate pressure when buffing your countertop. Too much pressure may harm the appearance of your stone.

Hire a professional to deep-clean your spots tile. Professional cleaners have special tools and techniques that can extract dirt or grime that may have impacted the pores of the stone, which causes dullness. Have your rustic tile cleaned by a professional when thorough cleaning fails to restore the stone’s luster.

Persistent stains or blemishes that are difficult to treat may require an expert. Call a stone care professional, installer, or restoration specialist to treat problems like these.