Which Kind Of Tile Is Bathroom Floor Tile Good?

The floor of the bathroom should be paved with low water absorption tiles. Because the ground will often wash with a lot of water, so that tiles can not be affected by water vapor, do not absorb stains.

1, pay attention to the anti slip tiles, toilet skid resistance is important, especially when there are old people and children at home, Matt brick has imitation of natural rock concave convex feeling, and excellent anti-skid, suitable for humid environment.

2, select tile low water absorption, in general, high quality tiles, water absorption rate is very low, so that it can soon dry. If the ceramic tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, may use the tea or the water drop in the ceramic tile’s back, after several minutes inspects the water droplet the diffusion degree, the more does not absorb water, namely expresses the bibulous rate to be low, the quality is better.

3, the choice of tiles, texture density, and when you buy Tiles, you can observe the brick surface from the side is smooth, whether the uneven thickness of the pinhole. At the same time, you can tap the tiles to listen to whether the sound is crisp, the more brittle the sound, indicating that the tiles of high density of texture, hardness better.