Lay tiles for seams, and should be use the cross

Ceramic tile is a ceramic product fired by high temperature. Its physical and chemical properties are quite stable. Why there is no problem when many ceramic tile products are sent to the customer for acceptance? There are various problems after laying. How to ensure that the paving construction is all the same? At that time, the tile cross played its unique role.
The tile cross is a kind of plastic products used in the construction of ceramic tile, which is used to adjust the size of the seam. The use of the tile cross not only improves the efficiency of the slit, but also improves the precision of the seam and the seam.

The more mature products in the building materials market are HDPE materials, the color is porcelain white, milk white, its advantages are good toughness, good tensile strength, non-toxic and odorless, resistance to impact, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance.
Ceramic floor tile left seam, wall to 1 – 2MM for good, some small tiles, in order to beautiful, to retain the seam but need big; the ground seam, in addition to the ancient glaze tiles generally need to leave a larger gap 2.5 – 5MM, the other varieties of tiles generally 1.5 – 3MM for good.

Under normal circumstances, a piece of tile with one, 5MM tile cross can be taken down if the tiles are almost dry, it can be recycled at least three times, which can save some cost; the tile cross of 3MM and 2MM is not easy to take off, otherwise the tile can be easily taken off, only after the tiles are dry thoroughly can be taken down, so the general is very difficult to reuse, do not want to put down on the inside to fill the seams to see, it is recommended in accordance with a tile with a tile cross of the principle of the purchase.
The cement mortar of ceramic flooring and paste ceramic tile will have heat expansion and shrinkage problem. In the process of temperature or humidity change, the ceramic tile and cement mortar will have some expansion. If no seam is left, it will lead to the drum or crack in the process of the later use.

Although the ceramic tiles are now mechanized production, but in the process of tiles production, there will be a certain size error (the error is too large for the quality of the product). If no seam is left, it is easy to appear the joint unevenness when tile paving, affecting the beauty of ceramic tiles.
Tile paving is a very high proficiency of a construction project, the workers in the whole process of paving, it is impossible to complete the placement of every tile when there is no error, the workers’ mood is not good, daytime and night, and other different conditions of tile, the effect will be different, if no seams, the same, the same It is difficult to ensure the straight seam of ceramic rustic tile, which affects the aesthetics of tiles placement.

What’s the benefit of the seams?
1, sewing can prevent ceramic tile flooring from hollowing, deforming, cracking, jumping or even falling off.
2.Retention of seams can save materials
3.All tiles have errors, and tile joints can reduce the negative effects of errors.
4.Proper retention of seams can enrich the effect of paving
5.Avoid slit more difficult to clean
6.Reduce the uneven joints caused by the construction error
7.It is more convenient to maintain and replace later