How Selecting a Cleaner Based on Floor Type?

Use vinegar for most floor types. The majority of floors can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Place a quarter cup of white vinegar in a 26 ounce (780 mL) water bottle to clean the following floor types:Cork, Vinyl, Porcelain.

Opt for a neutral pH cleaner for stone, hardwood, or bamboo floors. Hardwood, stone, and bamboo floors need a gentle cleanser. Purchase a mild to neutral pH cleaner at a department store. Apply it to your floor as directed on the bottle. Most pH cleaners are diluted with water. About a quarter cup of a pH cleaner (60 mL) mixed with water should adequately clean a bamboo or hardwood floor.

Do not mop waxed wood or laminate floors. If you have a wax wood or laminate floor, mopping is unnecessary. Such floors only need vacuuming and dry mopping to stay clean.

Use a steam cleaner for a very dirty floor. For the most part, you can wash your floor with detergent, warm water, and a rag, mop, or sponge. However, you can use a steam cleaning mop on some occasions. A steam cleaner is a special type of mop that automatically fills with water and your chosen detergent.

While steam cleaners are pricier, they tend to remove unseen bacteria better than a conventional mop and bucket. They may also remove set-in stains easier. If your floor is very messy, steam clean your floor with your chosen cleaner.