What Are The Advantages Of Imitating Marble Tiles?

In the past, most of the tiles were mainly made of matt tiles. Now, with the improvement of the technology, the material has changed to polished tiles. The material and process changes make the brick face look more luxurious and the visual effect is better. Tile texture of natural and fresh, color and natural marble can almost fake true.

Natural marble has many shortcomings, it is not only heavy weight, construction is difficult, but also there is a certain radiation, so people will not be laying a large area in the decoration. But imitation marble tiles broke the limits, it is not only easy to cut, and whether it is in art, mosaic, sculpture, and ground applications are aspects of combination.

Natural marble although very beautiful, but the difficulty of maintenance is relatively large, the use of a long time will appear oxidation discoloration. The imitation marble tile is a good way to avoid such problems, it is not only very beautiful, but also with high brightness, low water permeability, no radiation and other advantages, more suitable for indoor public space.