How Using Natural Products on Tile Flooring?

Clear the tile floor of furniture and obstructions. Before you start, be sure to move any furniture that can get in the way of polishing your tile floor. Remove chairs and tables as well as rugs and mats that may be in the way. If you have tile you’d like to polish that is underneath or adjacent to appliances, you’ll need to remove them as well.

Use a baby gate or close the door to the room to keep out any pets that could walk over the tile floor while you’re cleaning it. If you have tile flooring underneath cabinets or in a pantry or closet, make sure you clear out anything that could get in the way of cleaning and polishing.


Mix 1 gallon (3.8 L) of warm water and 1⁄4 cup (59 mL) of white vinegar. Vinegar is an age old cleaning product that is much less harsh on the environment than industrial cleaning chemicals. Vinegar is also safe to use on tile and will not stain or discolor your tile flooring. Fill your bucket with warm water because warm water will help the vinegar mix and form a natural cleaning solution.


Use this vinegar solution to scrub, mop, or clean your tile floor. Sweep the tile floor to remove dirt and dust on the surface. Once the room is clear of obstructions, use a broom to sweep the floor free of large dirt particles to make it easier to polish. Mopping a dirty floor can just move the dirt around and make your tile look dingy. A good sweep before you mop is always a good idea for a clean floor.

Don’t neglect sweeping the corners of the room or beneath any cabinets. A Swiffer or dry mop works great to pick up dirt. Scrub the grout between the tile with a stiff brush or toothbrush. Focus on the grout in-between the tiles before you clean the whole floor.