How Maintaining the Tile Floor?

Vacuum or sweep your tile floor every day. The best way to maintain your tile floor’s polish and shine is to keep it clean. Sweeping and vacuuming will remove dirt and debris that can build up and cause your tile to lose its luster. Even worse, dirt that is left for a long time can get smashed into the tile and turn into grimy stains.


If you plan to mop, make sure you sweep or vacuum first. Mop the floor regularly. In addition to sweeping or vacuuming dirt and debris, it’s important to mop your tile floor to maintain its polish. This doesn’t necessarily mean dragging the bucket and soap out every other day. If your floor doesn’t require a heavy cleaning, a damp mop will be enough to keep it clean.


Keep your mop clean so you’re not spreading dirt around your tile floors when you mop. You can also use dry mops like a Swiffer for an easy clean. Clean any spills or stains quickly. To keep your tile floor polished and without any deep stains, it’s important that you clean up any spills that occur as soon as possible.


Things happen, stuff spills, but the longer a spill sits, the more it can stain and soak into your tile and grout. They can also cause your floor to be sticky, which can attract dust and dirt to adhere to your tile. Use disinfectant if necessary, but sparingly, as the chemicals can discolor tile floor.


Buff the tile floor with a microfiber cloth. Buffing your tile floor can really bring out its shine and add a smooth texture to the finish. Use a microfiber cloth and buff the floor in smooth, even circular motions. Start at one end of the room and work your way across so you don’t miss any sections. Some dry mops have microfiber pad attachments you can use as well.