Introduce Some Common Knowledge Of Ceramic Tile Maintenance

Method one: use multifunctional decontamination cream

The tile is often greasy, rust, soap scum etc. especially by ceramic tile juncture easier to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. In order to adhere to the porcelain surface clean and do not damage the porcelain surface light, you can use multi-functional decontamination paste for cleaning. Cracks in the ceramic tile, should first use a toothbrush dipped in a little dirt cream to remove dirt, and then in the crack with a brush brush a waterproof agent can, so as not only impervious water, and can prevent mold development.

Method two: vitreous tile appearance antifouling is the key

After the glazed tile is polished, the hair pores are exposed, and the oil, dust and other easily penetrate. Some manufacturers have dealt with this problem through new skills. But many brands of products did not pass the anti pollution disposal as a pass product sold, consumers do not investigate the situation, the use of pavement does not care, it will attack the situation of stains and stains. Consumers should be clear when buying, do not do anti fouling treatment of glazed tiles in the use of waxing, ordinary floor wax can be. Before paving, in order to prevent damage to the brick surface in construction, the use of woven bags and other things not easy to decolorization, brick cover good.

In order to clean and protect the glazed tile, clean all the dirt on the brick floor thoroughly. If there is glue or sticky dirt, it can be wiped off with neutral detergent and 100% clean cloth. The floor cleaning agent is poured on the floor tiles, and the stains on the tiles are rubbed clean by waxing machine. Then pour the water wax into the clean dry mop and wax it on the floor tile. Let the appearance of wax tiles from the dry, dry after trampling on the top, also available electric assisted drying, ordinary waxing after 8 hours will be completely dry, if there is heavy to move must be can move the wax completely dry, so can protect floor light.

Method three: old ceramic tile with ceramic tile

Old ceramic tile to be innovative, general requirements will tile all shovel clear, labor intensity is very big. If a new ceramic tile is added on the old tile, the cement mortar is difficult to be competent. At this time, the resin type stone binder must be used. It is not afraid of the greasy dirt and stain on the ceramic tile, and has better bonding strength.

Daily protection also needs to grasp the light tile tips, cleaning can be used to clean water and detergent or soap; mixture with soap when washing with a little ammonia and turpentine, can make more polished tiles. If there is tea or its different daily necessities attached to the ceramic tile, it should be cleaned in real time, and clean in response to clean products when necessary. If the brick surface scratches, the toothpaste can be smeared on the scratch, and can be repaired by wiping with dry cloth. The brick and brick cracks can not use dirt cream to remove dirt, and then brush a layer of waterproof agent in the crack to prevent mold development.