Production Technology and Application of General Marble tiles

When we talk about the source of marble tiles. Firstly,we always think about natural marble. In the past, people had a special love for natural stone. However, natural stone belongs to non-renewable resources and it cannot be used inexhaustible in supply and always available for use.What’s more, it is wear-inresistance,without anti-fouling, corrosion, non-folding. If it is always used in the home, then the time and cost of subsequent maintenance will be multiply.

Confronting with the non-renewable resources and people love natural marble problems. The ceramic industry has begun to research and develop, produce not only overcome the natural defects of stone, but also has the natural texture of natural stone products-marble and stone.

The birth of the whole marble completely meet the current demands of marble and love. It is not only the upgrade version of common marble tiles, but also the new favorite designers!!!

Why is the universal marble tile becoming more and more popular?

1.Natural quality texture

Natural marble has experienced thousands of years of geological movement .In the process of rock quality changes ,nature has the formation of a myriad of textures. These texture trends are consistent, ups and downs, high and low. Every cross sections of natural rock layer are different. The Grammy designer intercepts completely the nearly perfect cross section as the design blueprint. The beauty of marble lies are that the most varied textures among the roughly identical textures.


2.Top production process

The Grammy music ceramic all-body marble tile used advanced technology ,which combined with with green body color or cloth, ink jet printing and screen fruit glaze. It makes ceramic tile color from surface to inside and near the thick texture of natural stone. The upgrading of technology and the improvement of technology have higher requirements on production costs. Itis a clear stream in the era of “serious homogenization of products”.


3.Fearless deep machining

The traditional marble tile can see the rough body inside white or gray when it comes to chamfering, edge grinding and grooving. It is not harmonious with the surface effects, which is not good for the application of processing and laying. The general marble tile can make up the defects of the traditional glaze ,which throwing products such as drawing groove, chamfering, grinding edge and so on. Through mixing the color of the brick billet or adopting the cloth technology, making products the bottom of the tile have the same pattern as the surface pattern. So it is easy make up for the defects of the traditional glaze throwing product in the process of use. Universal marble tile has many advantage characteristics, so it is suitable for all kinds of need to reverse edge. Pull groove ,other secondary processing of bathroom wall, background wall, curtain wall decoration.


4.One stone has N planes

The whole marble tile has one stone and Nplanes. It has thick texture And especially suitable for residential or high-grade commercial space with larger space. Grammys music ceramic have been used in high-end places such as villas, high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and so on.


5.The superior performance of ceramic tile

Under the guarantee of modern production technology, marble tiles are excellent in waterproofing, smoothness, flexural strength and other practical properties. It completely abandons the defects of natural marble, such as large color difference, many defects, seep water and dirty.It’s also difficult to manage, high price and long supply cycle. Its emergence, for provide consumers a new choice in the field of high-end decorative materials.


6.Green environmental protection and conservation of resources

The marble tile meets the new requirements of “scientific development” and “beautiful China” to architectural ceramics ,which appears under the continuous innovation of technology and technology.: Excellent decorative effect, excellent use performance and beneficial to the protection of ecological natural environment. It makes more people to enjoy realistic decorative effect of natural marble. At the same time to reduce the demand for natural marble ,which avoids the latter mining and processing process on the ecological environment.


The progress of technology brings more convenience to people. More and more natural stones can satisfy all people’s preference . And it has more advantages than natural stone. This is not the reproduction of natural marble, but the resurrection of natural marble.