Let’s talk about the wood floor tiles

Ground decoration is a very large project, especially when selecting materials, with large area and heavy material, so it is difficult to choose. Wood flooring, tiles, imitation wood flooring and imitation wood floor tiles, which one is the best? Today, BARANA introduces their respective strengths and weaknesses, so that you are no longer so entangled.

The main raw materials of wood flooring are mainly from natural wood. In the pursuit of healthy and natural fashion, wood tiles is becoming more and more popular. The main reason is that the wooden floor comes from nature, the raw materials are healthy and environmental protection, the decoration effect is fresh and elegant, durable and smooth.

But wooden floor is easier to be corroded and easy to deform after water. It needs to be carefully maintained for a long time. People who don’t like tossing and turning are not suitable for wood marble tiles. In addition, because wood regeneration is slower, raw material prices are more expensive.

The raw material of tiles design are mainly clay, stone sand, metal oxide and so on. The process of making is more complex than wood floor. It needs to be screened, lapping, pressing, calcining and so on. Tiles price surface is smooth, cleaning and cleaning is relatively simple, and do not need special maintenance, long life. Hard material, heat conduction and other properties make small tiles waterproof and fire resistant. Because of the controllable production project, the marble tiles pattern is rich in variety. But some advantages are also a shortcoming. Hard kitchen tiles make feet feel less comfortable, and smooth ground makes people slip easily.

Imitation wood flooring is modeled on the appearance, size and luster of solid wood flooring. Wooden floor has the advantages of health, environmental protection, beauty and comfort. But better than wood flooring, its raw materials are easier to get than wood flooring, the price is relatively low, more economical and practical. The processing process is more, making the imitation wood floor pattern more style, and strengthening durability, but also overcome the shortcomings of the wooden floor is not good to handle. Although the imitation wood floor has many advantages, but the human factors are not controllable, the harmful substances in many imitation wood floors on the market are beyond the standard, and the security and the difficulty of choosing are added invisible.

The imitation wood floor tile has both the beautiful appearance of the wooden floor and the hard and clean tiles. This kind of floor tiles are not only the advantage of imitation wood flooring and tiles, it also combines modern high-tech and traditional handicraft art, which makes the wood floor tiles application more extensive, style more fashionable and generous, combination and collocation effect is more significant.