BARANA tile large porcelain tile, find the beauty of space!

With the higher and higher pursuit of quality of life, the aesthetic pursuit of space is becoming higher and higher. But the ceramic tile cannot be underestimated in building adornment space position.The space collocation of porcelain tile is not simple ground piece together. Even the same space, the adornment effect that the tiles porcelain of different design color, different texture creates is also very different. Since last year ,BARANA porcelain throw brick is on the market. Its’ adornment sex and function perfect set in a body of great advantage. It is affection in adornment space extensively by the designer and the consumer.. A year after the introduction of that shocking, Barana  ceraceramic tile largemic tile series.It will bound to once again subvert the decorative industry and favored by consumers.

BARANA marble porcelain tiles: Venice gold and silver mink decorate the home space.Venice gold paved the ground and silver mink cut freely the table is full of luxury, elegant and luxurious. Colorful romantic Venetian gold has a wealth of natural textures Beige level of the gradual change of tenderness without loss of tolerance. White stars dotted among them and it likes exposure to the Milky way. Giving the space gorgeous aristocratic atmosphere and expressing, the low-key luxurious feeling.

BARANA large porcelain tile: Venice gold and fish tripe white matching in home space. Venice gold ground and fish belly white background wall .It’s noble and elegant.  The atmosphere without loss of harmony. Fish belly white background wall, pure white, full and slightly transparent.The texture is thick while the tactile feeling is warm and meticulous.

BARANA porcelain floor tile: Kelo gray collocation office space. Kelo gray get from natural marble texture.It feels soft and elegant tone, elegant, elegant, very classical beauty and royal style. Silvery white texture like starlight across, leaving a charming luster, reflecting its restrained luxury in the United States.

BARANA marble tile: snow white and platinum rice with the club space. Snowflake white magnificent and platinum rice yellow feel pure clean. Mutual reflecting leisurely and do not lose the luxury of air.It looks luxury and without losing the nature. White golden rice yellow texture materials from imported marble in Turkey. Strong and powerful white texture on the background of light beige color.Shows fusion, temperament pure and refined, showing a pure clean feeling.

BARANA  marble tiles design: silver mink and Kelo gray and snowflake white with the commercial space. The silver mink gray under the steady convergence contains a grand atmosphere. The classical beauty of Kelo gray and royal style show snowflake white white body white and pure texture. Outline elegant, retro and luxurious atmosphere show the lobby space.

BARANA ceramic tiles manufacturers: Kelo gray and jazz white decorate with the commercial space. The ground of the Kelo gray, natural marble texture, soft and elegant tone, luxurious and generous, show classical beauty and royal style.The background wall of the jazz white makes milky white as the main tone. It shows a unique clear landscape lines, a combination of fresh and bright freehand brushwork and pure and elegant texture. The Greek Marble Jazz White full of  its deep prehistoric civilization imprint.It appears present elegant ,clear product characteristics, and contains the elegant temperament after the blending of modern fashion and historical flavor.

The BARANA tile: The exterior facade of the stadiums with Angolan ash. Angolan ash it self has a very pure gray. But the pale white of Angolan ash further strengthens its pure texture. And the Angolan ash combines aristocratic taste with artistic qualities. It makes noble ,elegant texture and artistic quality incisively and vividly. Make the venue appear noble and extremely artistic characteristics as well.


BARANA ceramic floor tile: the exterior facade of the stadiums. Although the appearance of the stadiums is ordinary, the exterior facades of the stadiums are fitted with the plush and elegant stadiums, soft and elegant, elegant and elegant. This decoration full of the classical beauty and royal style.

A large ceramic tile likes a piece of cloth. It can cut freely out rich specifications and shapes. It also can make up for the limitations of traditional ceramic tiles. No matter it is dry hanging of the outer facade, or cutting freely, grooving, chamfering, etc. For the designer to bring more inspiration and play space. At the same time, it also makes up for the wear resistance of polished brick. The simple design and color, the rich color of cast glaze brick, but not the lack of wear resistance, which integrates functionality and decoration. And it overcomes all kinds of natural defects of stone. And it has many advantages such as,atmospheric specifications, overall continuity, stronger sense of extension; less seams, anti-fouling and durable, more practical; free cutting, more combinations, stronger applicability.