How Concealing Tiles Permanently?


Paint the tiles to match the color scheme of the room. For a more permanent solution to unsightly tiling, choose a color or a set of colors that matches your design aesthetic. Then, sand, wash, and prime the tiles to prepare for the paint. Apply the paint in 2 even coats, and add a layer of sealant over the painted tiles, especially if they might be exposed to foot traffic or water.

There are a variety of different paint options for tile, including chalkboard, latex, and oil-based. Opt for chalkboard paint if you want to save money, since you don’t need to apply a primer. You can even add a pattern to the surface by hand painting the tiles or using a stencil.

Cover a tile backsplash with wood and liquid nails for a rustic effect. Visit lumber yards and home improvement stores to find inexpensive wood, and cut it to fit the tiled area. Apply the adhesive and stick the boards to the tile in your desired pattern. Follow the adhesive instructions to let the area dry before applying a sealant or touching the backsplash.


Affix a layer of beadboard over a backsplash for a fresh, clean look. Purchase a few large sheets of beadboard, and paint them to your desired color. Measure and cut them to fit the area that you’re covering. Then, apply a layer of liquid nails adhesive to the existing tile and press the beadboard against the tile. Be sure to leave some overhang if possible, and use a nail gun to secure the corners of the beadboard.

It’s important to use traditional nails to keep the corners in place, since the material can sometimes warp due to high humidity or exposure to sunlight. Tip: Since you won’t see the adhesive, you can choose whichever color is the cheapest for this project.