How to Clean Grout with Vinegar?

If the grout between your tiles has turned from white to brown, it’s ready to be cleaned. Fortunately, there are several homemade grout-cleaning solutions you can make with vinegar. Most of them involve baking soda, a compound which – when mixed with vinegar – creates a bubbly, fizzing reaction that’s perfect for cleaning grout. After applying your vinegar solution, use a scouring pad, a toothbrush, or some other cleaning implement to scrub your grout.

Apply vinegar to the grout. Use a vinegar-soaked cloth or a spray bottle filled with vinegar to coat the grout you wish to get clean. If you are trying to clean grout on a vertical surface, a spray bottle is probably your best bet. nAfter applying the vinegar, wait ten minutes before moving on to the next step. Always use distilled white vinegar or specialized cleaning vinegar to clean grout.

Scrub the grout. Ten minutes after applying the grout, use a toothbrush to scrub the grout. Use firm up-and-down motions to scrub the grout clean. Wipe the grout. Use a dry or damp rag to remove the loosened grout grime. Allow the area to dry, then evaluate it. If the grout still needs cleaning, try a different method.

Wipe the grout. Once you’ve loosened the grime and grit along your grout, it should wipe away with ease. Take a damp rag or paper towel and wipe it along the grout you’ve cleaned. Wipe the area along the edges of the grout, too, to soak up any of the lingering water/vinegar. If you want to give your floor an additional level of shine, mop the whole thing after you’re done

Make a citrus vinegar spray. Mix 3.5 cups (828 milliliters) hot water, ½ cup (170 grams) baking soda, 1/6 cup (40 milliliters) vinegar, and 1/3 cup (80 milliliters) lemon juice in a spray bottle. Aim the nozzle of the spray bottle at the grout you wish to clean. Spray the bottle so that the grout is evenly covered. After one hour, scrub the grout with the scouring side of a sponge to remove the dirt crusted into the grout.