The maintenance misunderstandings of tiles.

In our life, a lot of people, because of different hobbies, will use different ways to maintain the things in the home, of course, include the maintenance of marble tiles. But the sad thing is that many people, in the misunderstanding of maintenance, still think that their maintenance is correct, BARANA exposes the maintenance misunderstandings, can let us avoid such maintenance methods.

For the more stubborn and difficult to remove dirt, many people choose to remove the method is also different, a lot of people see stains on the tiles design surface, the strong acid cleaning stains, so that the tiles price surface is corroded to lose luster, sometimes stains still in the interior of the tiles surface. Sometimes the stain is cleaned with acid, but it will soon be dirty and easier to seep. The use of acid to remove stains is a quick and effective method, but it is easy to use or not be used by professional people, especially in the polished tiles. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the gloss of the polished marble floor tiles.

Maintenance of tiles, many people choose wax, wax is also a certain skill. Many people think that wax can protect floor tiles better because they lack professional knowledge, but they do not know a mistake in tiles maintenance. Especially for the polished tiles, it is found that the surface of the polishing tiles have a stain on the surface of the polished floor tiles, and then the wax is reproduced immediately, and the original wax is not removed, so that the polished tiles will lose its gloss.

In the use of tiles, a lot of people will feel that the more dry the better the kitchen tiles, especially after the new decoration, we can see in many decoration experience, wall tiles after the end of the window to speed up the wind speed. However, it ignores the fact that bathroom tiles should also be locked in moisture. When the wall tiles design are dried, it not only needs moisture, but also more importantly, it must lock the moisture and ensure that the moisture does not drain. Daily mopping is also a way to conserve moisture.

For the more stubborn dirt on wood tiles, a lot of people will use some small tricks when they can’t get rid of them, such as cleaning agents and decontamination ointment. This kind of complex is correct. But some people will use the steel ball, think of the dirt removed, scratches can be solved, in fact, the practice is wrong, scratch no way to make up, and will also affect the gloss of cement tiles. In the maintenance period, waxing ceramic is a must to do. Before waxing, we must clean the glazed rustic tiles and choose the right products to wax the wood marble tiles.