How Maintaining marble tiles Surfaces?

Wipe away spills quickly. marble tiles is a sensitive, porous surface, and spilled liquids can stain or etch these surfaces. Acidic substances like coffee, juice, wine or toiletries are especially damaging to marble tiles. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towels to mop up and wipe spills as soon as they happen.

Choose your cleaners carefully. Even general purpose cleaners can damage marble tiles surfaces, especially if they contain acids or alkalis. If you’re going to apply a cleaner directly to your marble tiles tiles or floors, make sure it’s specially formulated to clean marble tiles.

Use coasters and cutting boards on marble tiles tiles. Condensation rings on marble tiles tiles can etch and stain the surface, so make sure to place coasters under any glass placed on them. When cutting fruits and vegetables, cutting boards will prevent any acids or juices from staining the tiles.

Work as fast as you can so that the adhesive is still wet before you lay down your marble tiles. Attach your marble tiles slabs to the cabinets with the adhesive beads. After applying the adhesive, carefully lower each marble tiles slab into place over the beads. Now, press them down gently to ensure that they adhere to the cabinets beneath them.

Be sure to lower the slab onto the adhesive while it’s still wet. Have a friend help you lower each slab into place. Seal the joints between each slab if there are any. A proper dry-fitting can avoid this step, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Start by lining the top of each seam’s sides with painter’s tape.