The details that are easy to be neglected in home design must be seen before decoration.

Living rooms, bedroom and long passages require dual control switches. If there are elderly people in the family, they should switch the switch and socket to 1.5 meters away from the ground, so that children can not play with electricity. If necessary, you should outlets for appliances such as water purifiers, kitchen garbage disposers, smart toilet covers. The dining room and the living room ground to install a metal insert, used to insert a hot pot or the small warm stove used in the south in the winter, in peacetime with the ground flat, foot step out to prevent people from tripping over the wire wrestling.

If the room is covered with wooden flooring, you can put 1 square meter tiles behind the door, wear-resistant and clean. Some may lay paving mat, but the floor tiles mat is easy to dirty, so it is not economical in the long run. Live with the old man and prepare a shoe changing stool for them. The old man stooped directly, causing a spinal injury. The porch wants to use the locker, but the space is small, the entrance will be very crowded. In fact, it will be nice to change it into a hat hook.

Without the elderly, the TV in the living room is not necessary to buy, to buy a projector to connect to the set-top box, computer and so on. There will be children later, so that children will not want to watch TV all day. Don’t enlarge the tea table, big sofa and so on. The size must be measured in advance, and more space should be left. Space is not enough, do not buy big chandelier crystal lamp, one is to suppress, two is to live for a long time on the top of the ash several layers, I believe you do not want to rub. Choose wall-haung furniture or edge furniture off the floor. The most important function of the living room is to show and rest, do not store too much, and pile up in a mess. There is no sense of beauty. Save the living room space and prepare a chest of drawers for storage in the corner. Small space and height is not high when the ceiling, and not much practical function, but smaller.

The bedside cupboard is not necessary. It takes up the place, and everything in it is sundry. The newly married couple decorate their houses, and the baby bed must be laid on both sides of the bed. Wardrobe is the top priority. It should consider the structure of the wardrobe according to the composition of its own clothes, for example, the clothes hanging are mostly stacked. Two or more sockets should be designed on each side of the main bedroom head. In addition to charging the electronic equipment, it will also be used for hot milk and disinfector. If you want to set the location of the air-conditioning ahead of time, you’d better not face the bed.

Many small space houses want to make the baby room made of tatami, and it is really beautiful, but the damp place is really unsuitable and easy to mold. Families who are ready to have a second child have switches and sockets on the top or bottom of the bunk bed or two single beds. The whole house, especially the children’s corner design, or a small gadget for collision avoidance, is very cheap. The light should be soft, otherwise children will not have good eyesight. A night lamp should be provided for children’s room. Don’t buy furniture too early. Your baby’s eyesight is incomplete. It’s not suitable to see elements that are too bright.

Most people say that disinfector is not as practical as a dishwasher. Many family sterilizing cabinets will become expensive cupboards. The kitchen socket must be provided with five holes and switches to reduce the electrical appliance. We must make good use of the space of the kitchen wall, save some space with some hardware, such as leachate rack and kitchenware rack. The hardware of the cabinet is very important. Plan the location of kitchen appliances ahead of time, so that the socket can be conveniently reserved. The open small bar is very low.

There is a set of sockets near toilet closets, with a heated toilet lid. Happiness is much higher. Armrest and shower locations should be equipped with handrails to facilitate the use of pregnant women and the elderly. Dry and wet separation is necessary, although it will make the area look smaller. When you clean up, you know its benefits. The bathroom faucet can be drawn with a stretch style, and men at home have shampoo in the morning. Leave enough room for the baby bath. The odorless ground leak, you know its benefits. Using wind heating instead of bathing bullets, the strong lights of bathing bullets will stimulate the vision of the elderly and children, and the warm effect of wind heating will be better. A waterproof cover must be installed in the socket of the bathroom.