BARANA tiled time rustic tiles create an elaborate home for you

Lu Xun said that if you do not live by selling your text, you don’t need to “trick” it. In the evening, we were in a hurry. We looked at the flow of people and built countless “detailed” delusions. We long for life to be slower, slower, and meticulously intensive and clear.

In Asia, the first healing art documentary “The Great Shokunin” was directed at the craftsmanship of 20 ingenious craftsmen in Asia, truly recording and displaying the process of making unknown craftsmanship and exquisite artifacts. The form of the show exquisite 20 artifacts and local culture. The lens faithfully reproduces the local cultural landscape and customs of the craftsmen. They (her) are a light in the time; they are the inheritors of life and meticulously carve the beauty of life.

It took three years for Suzhou Jing, a fan artisan who was obsessed with ancient culture, to visit only the remaining traditional craftsmen in Suzhou. With these old craftsmen, he not only restored the work of the old ancestors, but also inherited the art of the old literati. The silk fan of silence for a thousand years has passed from the past to modern society. The group fan represents a kind of attitude towards life, living in a dark, peaceful and elegant world. Although it is mellow and reserved, it is generous and natural. This move by Li Jing has made the ancient fanatic radiance of the new era.
Li Jing said that there is no worthless art, only repressed efforts. Respond to secular prejudices with your own opinions. Not for their own name, only to pass on the name. In the end, I let my true love things be treated by any era. As history rolls forward, wood type printing has been abandoned in the old paper pile?

The 14th generation of Wang Chaohui, the 14th generation descendant of the wood type printing technique in Jiangnan Dongyuan Village, was more than Lianjia. He still insisted on printing the genealogy in wood type. In the era of electronic typography and type printing, he personally left ink in the book pages. A kind of ancient art that was supported by the ritual sense, still persists in its own attitude in the torrent of the times. Maybe this is a faint sound, but it cannot disappear.
Wang Chaohui said that there is no shortcut on the road to become a master. The most clumsy efforts can also be harvested slowly. Although Yugong is foolish, he also sees his craftsmanship.


Some people say that the passage of time recalls that time; some people say that whether the fast-paced life can be a short pause; some people say that life lacks a kind of ingenuity and serious beauty. In fact, I want to say that this beauty is in your home. Home is a sheltered bay; home is a small street light; home is a warm hotel and an eternal destination. For each of us, the family is very important. With the indifference of the people, we hope that the family can warm our hearts; in a cruel society, we hope that our family will bring us good things; a huge pressure of life, we hope to return home and enjoy quietly.

Tiles, as an important part of home decoration, always resonate with our hearts. When we suffer from the coldness of the outside world, we walk into a space that is carefully designed with ceramic tiles. It is simple and stylish, as beautiful as a painting. Some soft outfits add a little bit of fortune, touch the hand and feel the moment when the last drop of water in the desert evaporates.

Carving time rustic tile new products series, through inkjet technology and glaze processing technology, showing athens rustic wood tile series of antique charm, open the athens culture of fashion aesthetics, recalling the beauty of time. The heavy texture, well-embossed line patterns, such as the rugged mountains of the mountains, are also the marks after years of polishing, depicting the texture of modern fashion.

The deep gray tone and fine lines give the product itself more vividness, such as the melody of the beat, the minimalist design, the sense of fashion, and a sense of space. Sensual brown, light and bright lines, like the shallow texture of the flow of river, combined with movement. The simple bookcases allow the elegant space to be full of fashion and personality.