How to Clean White marble tiles?

marble tiles is a sensitive surface that can easily be marked by spills and spots. If your marble tiles is white, it’ll be especially easy to stain. However, there are steps you can take to maintain your marble tiles’s spotless shine. Beyond this, you’ll need to clean the marble tiles regularly and know how to remove stains if they do happen.

Now, apply a silicone adhesive (or whatever the manufacturer recommends) into the joints. Be sure to fill it completely and give it time to dry—at least a few hours to overnight. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for drying time. Take off the painter’s tape before the sealant dries.

Avoid applying poultice to the same spot more than two or three times. This could permanently damage the marble tiles. Consult a professional if a repeat application of poultice does not remove a stain. If you are not making much progress with plain water, you can use a mild soap to loosen dirt and debris on the surface.

Simply put a small squirt of soap on your scrub brush and continue scrubbing the surface. Use a power washer only if the sandstone tiles is new. If you have a new patio or wall that needs to be cleaned, set your power washer to a low pressure setting and move the nozzle side-to-side as you spray the surface. Holding the sprayer at a 45 degree angle will take dirt and grime off of the surface well.

Power washers can be too strong for sandstone tiles that is old and has delicate designs, like the detailing on old tombstones. Only use a power washer on new sandstone tiles and use a low setting, if possible, as the pressure of the power washer can force water into the stone.