How to Clean Porcelain Tiles?

Keep porcelain tiles spotless isn’t difficult, but it can get tricky when the wood tile is stained or hasn’t been protected or sealed property. Thankfully, there are several cleaning options at your disposal to clean the porcelain tiles.

You may have polished or glazed porcelain tiles, unpolished or unglazed porcelain tiles, or textured porcelain tiles. You will need to use different approaches depending on the type of wood tile you are cleaning. With some patience and discipline, you can make sure your wood tiles are clean and stain-free.

Mop the floor. Finish your cleaning by mopping the tiles with a floor cleaner. You should use a mild cleaning solution that is safe for use on glazed or polished porcelain tiles. Make sure you mop the floor one more time with hot water before the cleaner dries on the tiles. This will ensure the cleaner does not stain or damage the tiles.

Dry and buff the floor. Use a microfiber cloth or a clean towel to dry the floor completely. Make sure there are no water spots or puddles of water remaining on the tiles. You can also open a window or set up a fan to dry the floor. Place fans in the room and open any windows to ensure an adequate airflow throughout the room.

Once the floor is dry, you can buff it to a shine with a piece of cheesecloth. Rub the cheesecloth over the tiles in circular motions to buff them. Get in the habit of using coasters on any porcelain tile counters to protect the surface from water rings due to glasses sweating water.