Whether The Balcony Should Stick Ceramic Tile, Where To Stick To Be Better?

1, most families are using the balcony to do laundry cleaning area, so relative to other areas, to be relatively damp, if the wall tiling, you can play a good protection on the balcony.

2. for closed balcony, and do not intend to do laundry area, in fact, there is no need to attach tiles to the wall.

3.the open balcony dust will be relatively large, wall tiles affixed, the cleaning work is relatively simple, tile smooth, water resistant, very scrub.

4. balcony wall tiling than tiles do not cost high, on the one hand need to choose the right tiles, in addition, labor costs are relatively high. If you do not stick wall tiles, you only need to do a good job of latex paint.

balcony decoration tiles posted to which location is good?

1. paving tile cost is still very large, buy Tile money, find a professional chef tiles more money, so everyone in the shop is stuck before it is necessary to consider whether the top issues.

2. balcony tile paving height should be maintained at more than 1.5 meters, about 2.8 meters to the top general. If the balcony as a recreation area for beautiful of course to the stick to being good-looking; put a cupboard, it should stick better, can play the role of curing, but labor costs will be higher than a length; if only to dry clothes on the balcony, there was no need to paste to the top, otherwise it is a waste of money.

How to choose the wall ceramic tile for toilet?

1.Choose ceramic tile that absorbs low water rate
Generally speaking, the ceramic tile with high quality, the absorption rate is very low, this can dry very quickly. If ceramic tile not indicate the bibulous rate, can use a tea or water droplets in the back of the ceramic tile, minutes after inspecting the diffusion degree drops, the less water absorption, it indicates that the bibulous rate is low, the quality is better. Bibulous rate is high after heat bilges cold shrink can cause cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile and the whole piece of floor tile of wall of spalling, decorate toilet clear four seasons of the northern region, more should pay attention to this problem.

2.Choose high-density tile texture
When shopping for ceramic tile, can see whether the brick face is flat from the side, whether the needle hole that appears thick and uneven. At the same time, can knock ceramic tile to listen to sound whether the sound is clear, the sound is more brittle, the texture density of ceramic tile is high, hardness is better. This kind of ceramic tile is laid to defend bath space, not easily damaged, also facilitate maintenance cleanness. Generally speaking, this actually also has little hard requirement, as long as waterproof is good, the glaze foot, choose a suit that suits your home to defend bath color to be able. The light is good, can use a little dark brick, but if the light is not good, suggest only use light color, relatively inferior smooth brick, don’t look too cold, suggest don’t use the highlights.

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The important function of household is wei yu space. Want to make the bathroom is full of strong sense of design, need to pay attention to skills like makeup. Use hexagon floor tile to create personal characteristics the style of the bathroom. Overall collage, local ornament, or mixed color is tie-in, if colour is applied proper, can change the atmosphere of whole space that defend bath.

In rectangular space that defend bath, the hexagon floor tile color piece collage large area shakedown stick metope and ground, extends the space, make whole space. In a narrow strip, bouncing color piece to create a concise and lively, but creative style. The shop is stuck is not subject to the constraints of conventional brick, provides the combination point on the surface of the line.

Mosaic rich color for the space added a third dimension, with new Mosaic composed perfect combination gray hexagon floor tile, broke the past waist line design and conventional full-page monotonous colors.