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The important function of household is wei yu space. Want to make the bathroom is full of strong sense of design, need to pay attention to skills like makeup. Use hexagon floor tile to create personal characteristics the style of the bathroom. Overall collage, local ornament, or mixed color is tie-in, if colour is applied proper, can change the atmosphere of whole space that defend bath.

In rectangular space that defend bath, the hexagon floor tile color piece collage large area shakedown stick metope and ground, extends the space, make whole space. In a narrow strip, bouncing color piece to create a concise and lively, but creative style. The shop is stuck is not subject to the constraints of conventional brick, provides the combination point on the surface of the line.

Mosaic rich color for the space added a third dimension, with new Mosaic composed perfect combination gray hexagon floor tile, broke the past waist line design and conventional full-page monotonous colors.