How To Reduce The Loss Of Tiling?

First, buy products

There will be many inferior tiles, color deviation is not square in the paving process prone to loss problem. So consumers should try to pick a brand in the market, the purchase of qualified products, but also to ensure customer service, to determine whether a good negotiation can fill, return, replacement, the claim process, once the processing is also more convenient.

Two, accurate measurement of area

Area, paving pattern and loss of the housing, so the number of tiles need to estimate according to these conditions, consumers in the purchase of ceramic tile prior to space size measurement accuracy, to be aware of how much to buy tiles. The smaller the room, the greater the loss, so the size of tiles should also be taken into account, such as ordinary 10-30 square meters of room, generally choose 600*600 mm specifications following tiles, specifications too much more damage.

Three, careful selection of workers

Paving process, the owner good overall supervision, to prevent workers at random cutting tiles or unreasonable use. Skilled workers employ skilled workers, and the technical proficiency of the workers will affect the tiling loss. Skilled workers will also provide owners with cost-effective solutions. Therefore, careful selection of workers is also an important part of reducing consumption.