Tips: How To Clean The Tiles?

Method one : Brush by brush and brush

Toothbrushes and brushes are more common, and they are also the most practical tools for cleaning tiles, cracks and dirt. In the first place of ceramic tile aperture, using a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of detergent paste brush slot in the dirt, and then use the brush brush waterproofing agent in the crevice with a can, this method can not only prevent seepage, and can prevent the growth of mold.

Applies to: kitchen floors and walls, bathrooms, walls and floors, living room floor tiles.

Method two : Waxing clean

Wholesale tile floor waxing can effectively maintain the ground to tile waxing, also has a bright and clean effect to keep tile. First of all tile stains completely clean, such as plastic or stains, available neutral detergent or 100 clean cloth wipe. The first floor cleaning agent onto the tile, then water poured into a clean dry mop wax, wax evenly coated on the ceramic tile can be. After waxing let tile surface dry, dry to stampede.
Here to remind, many times after waxing tile surface will turn yellow, need to re waxing, wax removing agent treatment. The specific method is: wax removing agent used directly, without water, even then, about 15 minutes or so, wax removing agent into the tile, tile water will be wet, completely remove wax, wax or re not shiny. After removing the wax, please clean it according to the above procedures.

Applies to: kitchen and living room floor.

Method three : Steam fumigation

The oil is not cleaned for a long time, even if the product in the plane is difficult to clean, especially the gap in the kitchen grease, steel ball, cleaning agent…… Is not the most effective method, not only laborious and ineffective against oil pollution, kitchen tile gap, the best way is to use steam. As long as the kitchen tiles are heated in large pots in the kitchen, the walls are steamed by steam, and the oil can easily fall off naturally after being fumigated.

Suitable for: kitchen wall.