Why do family decoration choose marble tiles?

Marble tiles have the realistic texture of natural stone, both the superior performance and green environmental characteristics of the tiles, and the popular decoration owners’ favorite. Marble tiles floor have become the mainstream choice of the public house. But because of the continuous expansion of the market, the related Dali stone tile products and brands are becoming more and more. Therefore, how to choose the marble tiles that are desirable is particularly important. What are the important features of high quality marble floor tiles?

Marble floorings have abandoned the fragile and fragile properties of natural marble stone. In the hardness of products, the marble tiles are hard and wearable. The marble tiles not only resurrect the ceramic tiles, but also give the life of the tiles. At the same time, the marble tiles return to the original appearance of the natural marble, and the awe can be fearless, and the marble tiles are fearless. It is not only the infinite reverence for the life of nature, but also the artistic conception that ceramic people pursue the product perfectly.

The texture of marble stone on the surface is orderly and orderly, and every texture has the nature of nature. The rich texture presentation and color seem to be a grand decorating banquet. The rich texture effect of the layers is more satisfied with the needs of the perfect decoration.

With the support of exquisite ceramic technology and top ceramic equipment, marble tiles not only have the hard physical properties of the tiles, but also create the fine texture of the marble tile products. The fine texture of the marble tiles also gives more expressive force to the product itself.

Marble tile is one of many kinds of ceramic tiles, however, the ceramic tile flooring is the art of soil and fire. In the past, it is difficult to achieve the expectation in many kinds of ceramic tile products, but the marble tiles are exactly the appropriate parameters of the tiles, and it is the ultimate harmony. Marble tiles are the most exquisite symbol. Every marble tile product is so smooth, so gentle and pure, and it is also a kind of softness.

The decoration of marble floors is very strong, it can set up all kinds of home application space and scene perfectly. The effect of the shock is not only to the enjoyment of infinite vision, but also to a very good fusion of people and the environment. As far as ceramic tile design are concerned, marble tile is a kind of tile like natural stone. Fidelity is the first parameter to select marble tile. It emphasizes its fidelity, compares porcelain tiles with natural marble, and has a good similarity under the premise of removing impurities.

The pattern of the marble tiles design is its unique and indeterminate change. In order to avoid the hard sense of space, the stone grain on the tile should not repeat as far as possible, and a few cases of tile are laid on the ground to see whether the pattern is repeated, the lower the repetition, the better the decoration effect.

The imported inkjet printer is an important equipment for making marble tiles. High precision inkjet printing technology can perfectly restore the natural color of natural stone. It is true and solid: at least 360DPI precision spray printing is needed in the picture. It is clear whether the pattern is clear at the scene, and the mesh can not be seen from the naked eye at 10CM. The drawing line is of high quality.

The ceramica floor tiles with low water absorption is not easy to absorb dirt and better quality, good marble tiles should be very low water absorption, high vitrification and tile body, not easy to seep water: water absorption should be below 5/1000, can try to drop water on the back of ceramic tiles, water infiltration slow or non absorbent, the quality of ceramic tiles is better.

As a ceramic tile, all kinds of friction or impact can not be avoided in the daily use of the family. Hardness is also one of the most important elements of marble tiles. In order to avoid the tiles easily damaged, the durable marble tiles should have high hardness: the thematic moth hardness should be more than 6, and the hard iron with the blade and so on is in the outdoor ceramic tile table. Face scratching, without leaving scratch quality.
The mass density is closely related to the weight of marble tiles. In the case of equal size, the larger the weight of the ceramic tiles means the thicker the quality of the tiles, the more sufficient the materials, the higher the density.