Kitchen And Toilet Ceramic Tile, How Should Choose Better?

Ceramic tile of choose and buy not only depends on its beautiful appearance, if only judging from beautiful degree tend to ignore the immanent quality of ceramic tile, once the quality is unqualified, caused of repair, water in the future, it is regret that quality is the life of ceramic tile products.The quality of ceramic tile is good or bad, want to see content of three aspects commonly: wear-resisting degree, absorb water, hardness. According to the use of ceramic tile and place is different, the range of choice is more extensive. Kitchen and toilet, because use frequency is taller, so need to choose wear-resisting degree relatively high, compared with our ordinary family, choose wear-resisting degree is in moderate to be able.

The wear-resisting degree of ceramic tile will be marked on the top of the price tag, or carefully ask the salesperson, understand the quality, also be the source of important information. According to the kitchen ceramic tile is afraid of oil pollution, the principle of ceramic tile is afraid of water, toilet when choosing the kitchen ceramic tile, often want to consider the water absorption of ceramic tile, if the ceramic tile with low water imbibition, its density of ceramic tile is taller, also to have some stains and water barrier. Especially in the environment of the bathroom, low water absorption can ensure that ceramic tile does not overexpand and produce deformation. It is very simple to judge the high and low water absorption rate of tile, as long as it drops a drop of water on the back of the tile of the sample, and observe whether it can absorb rapidly.

Hardness is also an important factor of ceramic tile quality. High quality ceramic tile general hardness is high, the toughness is strong, not easily broken. The inner quality of tile can be checked by tapping the debris. The two tiles are lightly tapped. If the brick’s voice is crisp and the sound of some metal indicates that the inner quality is very good and the hardness is high; If the sound is hoarse, the inside of the brick may have a crack, the hardness is not high.
Randomly to produce four specifications as ceramic tile, flat to the ground, the middle gap as small as possible, if it is tile must use four pieces to piece together a complete pattern, if relatively flat, when work that shows ceramic tile more conform to the specifications. The advantages and disadvantages of bricks are sometimes not easy to judge, especially when buying now, they are on board, inconvenient to pick off and compare carefully.

Simple and Practical Marble Ceramic Tile To Buy Seven Standard

The similar appearance, the superior performance of ceramic tile, marble together makes this different quality marble tiles become popular with users of the popular building materials, but in the face of a variety of marble tile brands on the market, with only a bibulous rate, the basic testing factors such as stiffness is not enough to help us distinguish good marble tile,The first marble tile quality evaluation standard of the industry “marble ceramic tile 7 star standard” came into being, let’s look at how simple and specifically choose marble ceramic tile.

In terms of its nature of ceramic tile, marble tile ceramic tile is a kind of imitation wood, imitate the texture adornment effect is its important value, so the fidelity is selected the first parameter to the ceramic tile, marble to emphasize its fidelity: stone should ≧ 99.9% reduction degrees, will be in comparison with natural marble, ceramic tile on the premise of removing impurities, higher similarity is preferred, stone should ≧ 99.9% reduction degrees.
2.The duplication
Stone attractive appreciation of a play feature lies in its unique natural, to condemn the change of grain, and used in ceramic tile decoration, in order to avoid duplication of texture bring stiff feeling of the space, so the ceramic tile on the stone should try not to appear to repeat: stone texture should not repeat area ≧ 5 square metre, extract a case of tile ceramic tile on the floor, to see if the pattern repeat, repeat degree is lower, the better decorative effect.
3.Accurate printing degrees
Inkjet technology is nowadays the main technology of high-quality marble tile surface color layers of permeable brick should be of high quality marble, perfect reduction natural color of natural stone material, real and solid: picture for at least 360 dpi precision of 0 grid and high precision spray printing, the scene to identify pattern is clear, the place of ceramic tile 10 cm distance to the naked eye can not see the grid.

4.Bo changes degree
In essence, the water absorption rate is the criterion, the low water absorption rate is not easy to absorb dirt, the quality is better. Good marble tiles should be very low water absorption, the higher the degree of vitrified, bricky system stronger, more not easy ooze water: water absorption should be ≦ 0.05%, the water droplets on the back of ceramic tile, slow water infiltration or not bibulous, the greater the density of ceramic tile, the better the quality.
As ceramic tile, everyday use in the family in general can’t avoid all sorts of friction or collision, so the stiffness is also one of the most important elements of ceramic tile, marble in order to avoid the ceramic tile is easily damaged, durable marble tile should have higher hardness: thematic mohs hardness ≧ 6, the scene with blades and other hard iron swiping in ceramic tile surface, no scratches on the top grade.
6.Self-cleaning degrees
Once decided to use ceramic tile, decorate is generally the use of large area, if the higher the degree of self-cleaning ceramic tile, is that much more convenient to do when using, starting from the users the best experience, marble tiles need good self-cleaning ability, can withstand the daily life of the stain liquid such as: the anti pollution coefficient must be ≧ 5, ink, soy sauce, vinegar, etc of drop in ceramic tile surface, after a short waiting to wipe clean, no residue after taste.
7.Mass density
Mass density is closely related to ceramic tile weight, in the case of equal size, weight of ceramic tile ceramic tile quality means that the greater the more thick, material, density higher and higher, bricky system has stronger: ceramic tile should ≧ weight 25 kg per square meter, compare different marble tile cutting into the same specifications weighing, the person that weigh is preferred.

There Are Five Problems To Pay Attention To Tile

As is known to all, decorate choose ceramic tile is very important, but if you buy a good ceramic tile, post didn’t pay attention to the shop is very damaged engineering of one thing, the small make up today is to teach people, must pay attention to the 5 items in the shop sticks ceramic tile.

1.The ceramic tile should be soaked thoroughly
Ceramic tile are through full immersion in front of the shop is stuck, it is to give the pore to absorb moisture, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck not easy to appear the phenomenon of empty drum, fall off, if not immerse directly to the wall ceramic tile, is likely to be sucked through the moisture in the cement directly to the ceramic tile, reach a certain amount of time, ceramic tile can appear even crack, this will cause a lot of waste ceramic tile, and the quality of the shop is stuck is bad.
2.Choose high-quality cement sand
Ceramic tile should want to have good spread quality, must choose high quality cement sand, such ceramic tile can stick tight solid; The main point of selecting cement is to check whether it has QS certification, and to see if it has a shelf life. If it is past its expiration date, it is better not to choose. Sand had better choose river sand, river sand contain water is bigger, paste effect will be better.

3.Three, cut ceramic tile had better put in the position of corner
Cutting ceramic tile seems always seem to be some uneven, so the location of the best cutting ceramic tile is in the corner, this position at the end can use sealant to seal, does not affect the housing decoration effect. If you put it in a prominent place like a window, it will affect the beauty of the house.
4.The first brick should be selected
The first brick in the seat position to the full range wall ceramic tile, so the location of the first piece of ceramic tile must be chosen, if there is an error in the location of the first piece of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of the entire wall will be warped.
5.Five, must achieve wall pressure ground
Wall pressure is above the floor tile of wall brick wanted, the advantage is not water, the water will flow down the wall brick in the wall and floor tile surface, easy to clean, because the more troublesome, so some bricklayer’s looking for a variety of reasons not willing to do, this is decorated must supervise bricklayer’s owner, let them do the project well.

How Should The Living Room Floor Tile Modelling Be Designed?

how should the living room floor tile modelling be designed
1, in the market to select tiles, we must consider the Home Furnishing decoration style, now popular style is the new Chinese style, European style, and Mediterranean sun village style, Oriental garden style etc.. Home decoration involves tiles, sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns, curtains, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows, paint and other eight materials and jewelry, style of unity and coordination is extremely important, is to measure the quality of decoration and quality, the main concern. After determining the style, we should pay attention to consider some of their own personalized needs, security is very important.

2, we think everyone should know the wave line, and its role is to make the living room floor more surplus change, some lines overall looks particularly artistic charm. Mainly with some tiles and the main color of the tiles from the processing, the general use of dark tile based processing, and now there are special wave matching antique options.

3, there are a lot of people will give the living room floor tiles for decoration and flex spline in shape, is actually the tile ground decorative painting processing, some high-end brand with lots of patterns to choose from. General should pay attention to the selection, yarn, color and other floral to ground tile color and pattern to be consistent, mainly used in the door or the living room, dining table, the table below.

How Do You Match Tile Colors? What Should Be Paid Attention To Tiling?

First, ceramic tile color with six rules

1 collocation, dark and light, such as black and white, deep and shallow, dark green and gray collocation can be used.

2, similar color collocation, such as light yellow and deep yellow, black and gray collocation.

3, similar colors match, such as yellow and green, red and purple, red and orange, orange and yellow.

4, cool colors and warm colors, cold and warm color relationship is to rely on contrast, produced by people’s natural life experience, and collocation is also very distinctive.

5, the non-polar color and color collocation, black, white, gold, silver, ash is called non-polar color, they can match any color.

6. Compare the colors, such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white.

Second, ceramic tile shop notes

1, ceramic tile shop before consumption should be checked, to see the grade, color difference and the samples are consistent, such as confirmation, so that the construction leader sign, or notify ceramic tile vendors immediately.

2, if the wall is putty wall or press cement wall, must first root out, do roughening treatment. Wall tiles must not be smaller than 1/3 blocks.

3, the ground should be fully wet, and the horizontal line on the wall and placed on the ground pre row, to ensure that each room on the same level of low brick.

4, floor tiles with good “dry shop” method.

5, bathroom tiles should be good, about 1% of the gradient, and below the floor tiles about 10mm. Kitchen tiles should be appropriate to reduce the slope.

6, in case of yang angle, should use 45 degrees cutting angle processing, waist line of the lower edge should be the window of the upper edge.

7, brick paving after 3-5 days before drilling construction, “laying tiles on the day after the re construction.

Whether The Balcony Should Stick Ceramic Tile, Where To Stick To Be Better?

1, most families are using the balcony to do laundry cleaning area, so relative to other areas, to be relatively damp, if the wall tiling, you can play a good protection on the balcony.

2. for closed balcony, and do not intend to do laundry area, in fact, there is no need to attach tiles to the wall.

3.the open balcony dust will be relatively large, wall tiles affixed, the cleaning work is relatively simple, tile smooth, water resistant, very scrub.

4. balcony wall tiling than tiles do not cost high, on the one hand need to choose the right tiles, in addition, labor costs are relatively high. If you do not stick wall tiles, you only need to do a good job of latex paint.

balcony decoration tiles posted to which location is good?

1. paving tile cost is still very large, buy Tile money, find a professional chef tiles more money, so everyone in the shop is stuck before it is necessary to consider whether the top issues.

2. balcony tile paving height should be maintained at more than 1.5 meters, about 2.8 meters to the top general. If the balcony as a recreation area for beautiful of course to the stick to being good-looking; put a cupboard, it should stick better, can play the role of curing, but labor costs will be higher than a length; if only to dry clothes on the balcony, there was no need to paste to the top, otherwise it is a waste of money.

How to choose the wall ceramic tile for toilet?

1.Choose ceramic tile that absorbs low water rate
Generally speaking, the ceramic tile with high quality, the absorption rate is very low, this can dry very quickly. If ceramic tile not indicate the bibulous rate, can use a tea or water droplets in the back of the ceramic tile, minutes after inspecting the diffusion degree drops, the less water absorption, it indicates that the bibulous rate is low, the quality is better. Bibulous rate is high after heat bilges cold shrink can cause cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile and the whole piece of floor tile of wall of spalling, decorate toilet clear four seasons of the northern region, more should pay attention to this problem.

2.Choose high-density tile texture
When shopping for ceramic tile, can see whether the brick face is flat from the side, whether the needle hole that appears thick and uneven. At the same time, can knock ceramic tile to listen to sound whether the sound is clear, the sound is more brittle, the texture density of ceramic tile is high, hardness is better. This kind of ceramic tile is laid to defend bath space, not easily damaged, also facilitate maintenance cleanness. Generally speaking, this actually also has little hard requirement, as long as waterproof is good, the glaze foot, choose a suit that suits your home to defend bath color to be able. The light is good, can use a little dark brick, but if the light is not good, suggest only use light color, relatively inferior smooth brick, don’t look too cold, suggest don’t use the highlights.