Kitchen Tiles Identification Skills

According to the special kitchen space, choose the right size of tile.

In the choice of kitchen tiles, pay attention to the thickness of the porcelain surface, the thicker the better, the color difference is small, brick size to specifications, each brick must be flat, not warping. Finally, the most important step is to see whether ceramic tile prices are appropriate. Sure what shop? The kitchen tile selection, according to different space spread, in the selection, matters needing attention are also different, the kitchen in general, ceramic tile stick space into two categories, namely, floor tiles and wall tiles. Selection of kitchen floor tiles.

The kitchen is every day we have to contact the place in the process of renovation must focus on decoration, for in the choice of floor tiles, choose the best kind of anti-skid tiles, because the kitchen every day in cooking, not to wash the dishes, which will splash some water on the ground, people will travel inconvenience, so in the choice of the kitchen floor tiles, to choose the best kind of anti-skid tiles, for the sake of their own safety.

Kitchen wall tile selection.
The kitchen wall tiles, in the selection, there is no need to consider whether the tile need slip, however, wall decoration more special, tile color selection is good or bad, affecting the entire kitchen collocation effect, so in the choice of kitchen wall tiles, kitchen decoration effect according to their best to choose suitable for decorative tiles.