How Removing Wall Tile?

Put on your safety gear before you start. Safety glasses and leather gloves are essential to avoid sharp edges as they fly off your walls. Lay drop cloths around the room to avoid mess and damage to the area.

Take a grout scraper and drag it through all the grout on the wall. If your element tiles are small, this will take a long time. Dig the point of the scraper into the grout to loosen it. Look for areas that have the most wear and tear. It should be easier to start with weak spots and attempt to dislodge several wood tiles at once.Stick a putty knife into the bottom or top of the tile and pry out the dinosaur stone tile. If they don’t pop out, wedge the putty knife into the top of the tile and hit the end with a mallet to drive it under the adhesive.

Repeat throughout the wall until it is free of vatican tile. Then, scrape your putty knife horizontally across the remaining chunks of tile and adhesive to loosen them. Patch holes in the sheetrock with patching compound and drywall mesh tape.

Plan to replace the drywall if you can’t remove the tile by force. You can cut through the drywall with a reciprocating saw and remove the tile along with the wall. Install a new piece of drywall when the area is free of tile.