How to Clean Mildew from Grout?

Mildew is a common problem in grout found in bathrooms. Regular cleaning should keep mildew mostly away, to the point it only needs to be cleaned with water. However, built up mildew should be targeted with a cleaning solution. There is no special formula to get rid of mildew. It simply takes a lot of scrubbing to get mildew and mold out of the grout between tiles.

Ventilate your shower. A well-ventilated shower is key to preventing mildew to begin with. If your shower has a fan, make sure to turn that on after getting out of the shower. It also helps to crack a window in your bathroom during the day.

Spray down your bathroom after showering. Keep a spray bottle in your bathroom filled with one part vinegar and one part water. Two to three times a week, use this mixture to spray down your shower. This will help prevent mildew from building up on the shower walls.

Clean your bathroom regularly. Mildew is hardest to remove when it’s built up in grout between tiles. The best way to prevent the need for heavy cleaning is to clean your bathroom once a week. If you do a quick, mild cleaning weekly, you’re unlikely to have to deal with heavy mildew removal in the future.